"While Office Killer is not a science-fiction cyberpunk film, and it borrows far more heavily from Halloween than anything by William Gibson, it also emphasizes our current society’s turn to the technological and virtual versus our search for authentic self—leaking bodies, leaking self, leaking information contrasted to technology’s clean efficiency. As the offices of Constant Consumer magazine grow more computer-reliant and more sterile, the messiness of person-to-person contact eradicated by the prophylactic of the keyboard, Dorine wages a one woman campaign to remind us of the superficiality of that pursuit. The sterility is barely skin-deep, computer cables providing no escape from the inevitable decomposition and failures of our insides and the uncertainty of our souls. We consume identities like we consume new cars, we transform ourselves with everything from plastic surgery to vitamin pills, but we don’t come any closer to knowing who we are or to postponing the betrayal of our still death-prone bodies. We need to be bigger, better, faster while we understand ourselves less."


(Along with Elise MacAdam, I am the Writer of this film.)