“Savage Grace is a quiet stunner, a reserved but engrossing psychodrama whose cumulative impact is devastating. Summing up a career's worth of silently suffering women of privilege, Julianne Moore plays Barbara Baekeland, a small-time actress who marries into the Bakelite fortune. Her husband (Stephen Dillane) is a second-generation wastrel who props up his flagging manhood with verbal abuse, their son (Eddie Remayne) a pale, practically translucent dandy whose relationship with his mother grows closer and more pathological as her marriage fractures.

Savage Grace builds to a series of incidents that would seem outrageous in another context. But without relying on reductive foreshadowing or pat psychobabble, Kalin and screenwriter Howard Rodman earn the movie's final scenes, when what has seemed like a poisoned take on Edith Wharton suddenly becomes something out of Edgar Allan Poe.”

--Sam Adams, Philadelphia City Paper

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